The story of T’Hooft printing house goes back to September 1949, when founder Raphaël T’Hooft decided to start his own business shortly after the 2nd world war. The original printing house, then located in Landegem, wasn’t much compared to what it has become now.
The expansion didn’t really kick in until the late 70’s. As a result of continuous investments in modern technologies, the company has moved to different locations 4 times in only 60 years of history. The printing house first came to Aalter in 1996 and moved there recently – in 2006 – from the Durmelaan to a brand new building in the Brugstraat.

The evolution from 1947 until now...

Hardly 3 years after this relocation there was yet again a certain urge to expand due to an investment in a brand new 64-page printing press. These continuous investments are a true necessity for a motivated and dynamic company that wants to continue growing in a fast developing and highly technological world as the graphic industry is.
Nevertheless, T’Hooft printing isn’t just one of the many printing houses in the Benelux area or the whole of Europe. T’Hooft is known for its exclusive products that represent a clear extra value for the customers. Therefore the presses are equipped with additional devices such as inline perforating groups and modified folders. Our employees always find something special that suits you or your company perfectly!

Brugstraat 186 - 9880 Aalter
Tel. +32 9 325 92 92 info.drukkerij@thooft.be